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Marianne Mullin - owner of Ahana Healing. Seated holding rose quartz heart.
AHANA HEALING Logo - purple and aubergine petals over healing hands.
Ahana is derived from the Sanskrit name meaning "the light within one's self", or "angel."

Come, be still and just be

"I engaged Marianne for a session with an open mind and curiosity. It was an amazing experience and I have returned since. The deep questions she asked about what I was experiencing and the thoughts she provoked were transformative for me. I came away from the experiences knowing things about myself that were new and very helpful." - John E.

"Wonderful experience!" 

- Heather O.

"I wanted to share the good news! I lifted my right hand above my head today for the first time in about 2 1/2 wks. Thank you for making that possible Marianne!"  - Linda M.


Marianne helped me to figure out how to bring joy back into my life. The changes I made during our sessions improved the relationships I have with my husband, my kids and my aging father." - Samantha B.

"Marianne is an amazing listener. She is also so insightful and caring. I am very grateful that our paths crossed!"

- Shari P.

The life coaching sessions allowed me to focus on myself opposed to a conversation with a friend where I mostly listen.I recommend Marianne to anyone who needs someone to talk to or needs life fine tuning. She is a very caring person. I will keep Marianne in my tool box for whenever I need grounding or feel myself getting overwhelmed again." - Samantha B.

I took notes during our sessions and made up sayings that I could refer to when needed. The healing sessions helped me discover I had some feelings deep inside I needed to deal with.  Plus they were super relaxing." - S.B.

My back pain is 100% better. I felt much better after the session and my pain was completely gone the next day.

The heat from Marianne's hands felt like they were on fire. Amazing and very healing! -R.A.

She is a talented Energy Healer and Life Coach who I heartfully recommend to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves." - John E.

Reiki was a wonderful, relaxing experience and yet when I left and got home I felt energized. The gentle touch on my shoulders, where I hold most of my tension, felt less tense. Thank you."

- Joanne V.

Marianne in the midst of a Reiki session with client.
Your Well-Being is My Passion

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