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"Marianne is a talented Energy Healer and Life Coach who I heartfully recommend to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves."
- John D. Ela, CEO Coach

Marianne at the doorway welcoming a life coaching client at Ahana Healing, LLC.

Holistic Coaching with Marianne

Depending upon your needs, life coaching can be offered as a stand alone service or done remotely. I take a holistic approach to help you recognize and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. The focus is to identify the root cause that is contributing to the problem areas in your life. If you are struggling with anxiety, need support in a relationship, caring for an elderly parent or just feeling stuck I'm here to help.

We partner together to establish goals and create action plans to assist you in self-transformation whether it be personal, career related or spiritual. You will learn new tools which allow you to look deeply within yourself and choose a new direction for your life. Through self-discovery and developing a new way of being you will manifest your life purpose and reach your highest potential. 

Distance sessions are also available by teleconference or phone. Contact me directly for distance session appointment availability.

One Hour Session|$135
3 One Hour Sessions|$390

3 Month Package|6 One HourSessions|$750

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Āyurveda is India’s 5,000-year-old traditional system of holistic medicine. Translated as the "science of life" it envelops the body, mind, senses, and soul. The philosophy focuses on using food as medicine, maintaining balance, establishing a healthy lifestyle, being in harmony with nature and practicing regular self-care routines. There are three biological body types or "doshas" based on the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. Correcting imbalances of the doshas is key to maintaining optimal health. Ayurveda teaches us how the body, mind, and spirit must exist in harmony for us to be truly healthy and happy or "situated in one's self." Therefore, the proper care of all three must be considered, managed, and nourished throughout life. The aim of Āyurveda is to first maintain health then treat disease.

One Hour Consultation|$135
3 One Hour Consultations|$375

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